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Retreat Center

Welcome to the Son Rise Retreat Center!

Whether you are looking for a place to retreat for time alone with the Lord or to gather with a small group for fellowship in a peaceful setting, the Son Rise Retreat Center, just outside of Azle, Texas, provides a serene and spacious environment. Ideal for people of all ages, our 22-acre retreat center is available to you or your group throughout the year.

Located on the northwest tip of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Son Rise is a modest retreat center that can accommodate individuals and small groups (up to 20) for overnight and larger groups (up to 80) for same-day meetings and use of the grounds. The facilities include lodging, a playground, a basketball half-court, a ping pong hall, a devotional walk, an amphitheater, and a chapel all in a beautiful setting.

As is common with many retreat centers, visitors will need to bring their own linens, toiletries, and towels. Food and drinks are not provided, but house kitchens are available with full refrigerators, stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. Several major grocery stores are within 5 miles of our retreat center. Guests are also expected to care for the facilities and clean up before leaving.

Enjoyable during all seasons of the year, Son Rise will provide you and your group with a natural and comfortable environment for meetings, conferences, workshops, and retreats. Please contact us to schedule a visit and book your event with us. Daniele Shaffer, the retreat center coordinator, will respond to you and provide all the specifics you will need, working with you to make your visit special.


$15* per day per person (whether spending the night or not)

If spending the night, this counts as two days.

There is an extra charge of $15 per day for only one person in a home ($30/day).

*This fee is a minimum suggested donation. Any additional gifts are appreciated and will be put to good use. Thank you!

$150 deposit required for groups

If the reservation is kept, this deposit may be used toward any repairs or needed replacements due to the group. If such costs exceed this deposit, they will be explained to the group's leadership. What is left of the deposit, if any, is returned promptly to the group by check. (Most commonly, the full deposit is returned.)

If the reservation is cancelled with less than a month before the scheduled date, the full deposit is kept by Son Shine Ministries (mindful that the date may not be used by another group with so little time before it).

For group reservations for longer stays (usually longer than one week), a larger deposit may be required.

Want us to do the teaching?

If you are bringing a group to our retreat center, why not consider having us present one of our current programs? This takes a lot of the stress off of your planning and assures that your group will receive a solid, biblically-based, and beneficial focus on marriage or parenting. We will tell you our session requirements to fit into your itinerary, and leave everything else to you—so that your retreat has your personalized touch, allowing for games, activities, getting to know each other better, etc.


Contact us to find out more information, check our availability, and/or schedule your visit. We hope to see you soon!

Son Shine Ministries|P.O. Box 456, Azle, Texas 76098-0456|(817) 444-3777|info@equipfamilies.org
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