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Your investment makes a difference in reaching families for Christ! Thank you! We are able to keep our program costs so low because of your giving. One of our favorite assessments we received during an independent audit was, "Son Shine Ministries does so much with so little!" While we do not consider our donations as "little," we appreciate the affirmation that we are using your donations for the glory of God to equip families in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


Please consider taking time to check out each of the menu items under "Giving." We take accountability seriously and are strengthened by the oversight. We hope you will consider becoming a monthly sponsor. One of our monthly sponsors recently commented, "I wish I could give more, but it's what we can do at this time." He and his wife had given $50/month for four years. We responded to him by thanking him for the friendship that has been built between us over the last four years, then said, "If any nonprofit organization receives a donation of $2,400, that is considered a major gift. By the way, your regular giving has quickly added up to this amount! Each gift matters, and our monthly supporters are a pillar of strength to our ministry. Thank you!"

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