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Highly Impacting & Easy To Host

We are for you! We are for your marriage! We are for your relationship with your children!

The programs of Son Shine Ministries are distinctively Christian (based on biblical principles and Christ-centered), relationally focused, interactive, applicable, and enjoyable. They are presented with excellence combined with personalness. The programs are down-to-earth, practical, realistic, and hopeful.

While most of our programs are hosted by churches or military chapels, we also present to organizations and various groups (e.g., Adult Bible Fellowship retreat, Christian schools, etc.). We can also present our programs for smaller groups at our retreat center. Our current emphases in our family ministry are marriage and parenting. Please read over the information provided about the different programs, and then proceed to "Next Steps" so that we can discuss coming to your location and answer any questions you may have.

Hosting a Son Shine Program is remarkably easy, extremely affordable, and consistently impacting. We would be honored to support you and your church with a program.

Since 1977, Son Shine Ministries has been leading weekend programs for churches and chapels. While excellent resources on family relationships abound, nothing replaces a live, interactive program with people from your community. It is motivating to learn alongside others and work through real-life scenarios in small groups. The highly engaging format is ideal for all personality types. No one is ever put on the spot or embarrassed. The best results happen when everyone participates—whether it is by sharing ideas aloud with the group or by silently processing the information.

Weekend Format

The two full marriage programs offered are normally presented in five to six sessions and are often taught on a Friday night and Saturday (weekend intensive). The parenting program is a bit shorter—normally presented in four to five sessions and most often taught on a Saturday.

For those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we sometimes offer a weekly series instead of the weekend intensive.

We highly recommend the full version of these programs, but you may also find one of the "Short Programs" a better fit for your group at this point.

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