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Marriage Care

David Shaffer, Son Shine Ministries' director, is a certified facilitator of the PREPARE/ENRICH marriage curriculum—today's leading relationship inventory and skill-building program. This program is used extensively by professional counselors as well as pastors. When PREPARE/ENRICH was first developed, it was designed for individualized couple's counseling. Only in the last few years was a group format introduced. Son Shine Ministries is pleased to offer both formats.

The pastoral-level counseling of a single couple facilitated by David Shaffer using PREPARE/ENRICH is set up upon request and David's availability. The counseling is normally conducted in three double-sessions (six sessions total). Sessions are typically 50 minutes, and both husband/fiancé and wife/fiancée are required to be present. The sessions are usually held at the ministry's office near Azle, Texas. For those who live out of town, we would be happy to offer you our retreat center as an affordable option.

Who Should Do This?

The PREPARE/ENRICH program is ideal for all couples—whether seriously considering marriage or already married for decades. The assessment is like a snapshot of your relational health, providing both strength areas and growth areas. The sessions are custom tailored to fit the needs of the relationship and focus on relational skills—all in the context of living "Christianly" according to God's Word and enablement (using the Protestant version of the PREPARE/ENRICH material).

David would be happy to discuss this program with your pastor. Also, suggestions for excellent professional counselors can be made on issues requiring expertise beyond the scope of pastoral-level counseling.


The assessment, paid directly to PREPARE/ENRICH online, currently costs $35. The suggested donation for six personalized sessions is $180/couple ($30/couple per session) and is paid to Son Shine Ministries, helping us carry out our mission of equipping families. Partial scholarships may be available for those who cannot afford the suggested amount.


Please contact us for more information about setting up a personalized PREPARE/ENRICH program for you and your spouse/fiancé(e).

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